April 12th, 2012, by mgarcia

Here is how to install a SSD solid state hard drive in a computer. I bought a new computer with a 2 terrabyte standard hard drive, and I wanted to make it faster, so I bought a 120 GB SSD solid state hard drive and installed it in the computer. To replace the regular hard drive with a solid state drive in the computer, I used the manufacturer’s backup utility to create backup disks, and then I removed the original hard drive, installed the SSD solid state drive, and did a system restore using the manufacturer’s restore disks. The SSD hard drive is super fast, scoring a perfect 7.9 out of 7.9 in the Windows experience rating test. This is a cheap and easy way to make your computer super fast. The computer in the video is an Acer Predator A180-14006 with an Intel i7 2600 processor and an Invidia GT530 2GB video card. The SSD solid state hard drive is a Patriot Pyro. The computer cost $820 and the hard drive is $129.99 after rebate, so for under $1,000 I have an awesome super-fast computer. This is a worthwhile upgrade.

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