January 23rd, 2012, by mgarcia

How old are your tires? If you bought them recently, but they were sitting on a shelf for 5 years, they are old. To find out the age of the tire by reading the manufacturing date, look on the sidewall for a 3 or 4 digit number right after the DOT code. The number is printed inside of an oval shape. If the number is 3 digits, the tire was manufactured before the year 2000, and the first 2 digits represent the week of the year, and the last digit indicates the last number of the year. So 356 would mean the 35th week of a year ending in 6, which could be 1996, 1986, 1976, etc. After the year 2000, the DOT required that the code be 4 digits long, with the first 2 digits representing the week of the year, and the last 2 digits representing the last 2 digits of the year. So a tyre with a code of 2307 was manufactured in the 23rd week of 2007. This applies to car tires and motorcycle tires. If you are looking to buy a vehicle and the owner tells you the tires are new, this is how you verify it. If a tire shop is going to put tires on your vehicle, this is how you can be sure they haven’t been sitting on a shelf for a decade.

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