November 9th, 2010, by craig

Here’s my close friend Lisa’s version of non-toxic blood which I’ll be using this year for my Tippi Hedren from “The Birds” costume:

  • Arrowroot powder (or corn starch, but Arrowroot makes for a less clumpy mixture)
  • white corn syrup
  • water
  • basic red as well as blue food coloring (green-colored works too if you don’t have blue)
  • Start with a cup of corn syrup inside a bowl. Stir in a tablespoon of Arrowroot powder or cornstarch. Slowly add in water (up to 1/3 cup) until you get the perfect consistency of blood. This is your base.

    To add the dye, add a few drops of red food coloring, stirring it in until you have a bright red color. Add a couple drops of blue or green food color to make the “blood” look more authentic. Set aside to thicken, then apply to face, clothes or body.

    Warning: This bogus blood can mark clothing!

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