July 6th, 2011, by cking

Yeah this strat does still work after the hotfix – except you need to use heroism to pop the dark twin’s bubble, and hope you dont get another one!

Cheesing hard modes for the win!

The strat in summary:
- Stand in the door, with the tank at the entrance, so noone takes splash damage from white balls hitting the tank.
- 22-23 raid members take Dark Essence including one tank, who takes both mobs. Everyone dps the Light Twin only.
- Our hunters took light to “soak” because they basically couldn’t DPS otherwise.

Handling her abilities:
a) Light Shield – easy to burn through.
b) Dark Shield – you need to burn through this by saving cooldowns/heroism, then hope you dont get a second one!
c) Dark Vortex – ignore it. Hunters need to deterrance or switch though.
d) Light Vortex – heal through it with a Holy Paladin using fire aura mastery in conjunction with divine sac.

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