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Show me how to install skype


Before continuing it is a good idea to purchase some Skype Credit

Visit the Skype website (see the Resources section for url links so that you can download Skype for Windows, Mac and also Linux users) and also download the SkypeSetup.exe executable.

(The software can be installed under the Program Files directory in a directory called Skype, which is automatically created. A Skype Setup image is usually also automatically created on your desktop.)


Click on the SkypeSetup symbol in which is usually on your desktop. A Skype Setup wizard then appears.

You is going to get a warning window asking if you want to Run or Save this file: SkypeSetup.exe. Click “Run.”

Note: One other confirmation message may appear, asking if you are sure you want to run this computer software. Click “Run” again.


Follow the instructions on the Skype Setup wizard to complete the installation of the Skype software package.

At the end of the installation, you can be asked to setup a Skype account.


A Skype window appears, and also if you have never used Skype before, you have the option of creating a Skype account. You’ll see a link on in which window mentioning the following:

“Don’t have a Skype name?”

Click on this link, plus it opens up one other “Skype – Create a New Account” window, where you type in your full name as well as then type inside a Skype name plus a Skype password plus repeat password from the respective fields on which window.

Note: Jot down your Skype name and password, as you can need them every time you start the Skype application.


Click the “Sign in” button.

Note: After having created your new Skype account for the best time, the next time you start Skype, your Skype name will automatically appear from the Skype name field. All you need to do can be to type in your Skype password and also click the “Sign in” button.


Follow the instructions in the “Getting Started” guide to add a contact, using the “Add Contact” button; to check your head set plus mic, using the “Skype Test Call Feature”; to set up a conference call with a business co-worker or friend; and also to look into all the other elements in Skype.


After you have installed the Skype program, there are two ways you are able to start the Skype software package application.

Click on the “Skype” image on your desktop or double-click on the “x” symbol in your desktop’s system tray to start Skype at any time.

Note: Once the Skype window pops up, the “x” symbol then changes to a bright green checkmark to suggest that the Skype application is currently running on your computer. It switches back to an “x” mark when you have “Signed out” of Skype plus Skype is no longer running on your computer

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