June 30th, 2011, by mgarcia

Turn a tired T-shirt into a posh pochette. Here’s what you’ll need to get started: (1) an old T-shirt, (2) gardening twine (or a leather strap), (3) needle & thread, (4) ruler, scissors, pencil. As featured in NY Japion newspaper. Music: “Art of Rap” (instrumental) by Copperpot.

Steps 1. Lay down the tshirt and sketch dimensions for your pochette (ex. 1″ from the sides of the collar.

Step 2. Cut along the lines. Set aside the excess materials.

Step 3. Flip inside out.

Step 4. Sew the sides together. Leave 1″ at the top for shoulder straps.

Step 5. Flip inside out.

Step 6. Using the excess material, sketch and cut out the shape shown in the video.

Step 7. Sew along the base, about 1/4″ from the bottom. Pull the thread to make a flower corsage.¬†Attach corsage to the pochette.

Step 8. Cut thread into strap size you want. Make 3 strips of equal length.

Step 9. Tie strips together, 2″ from the end. Braid the threads. Tie a knot, 2″ from the end.

Step 10. Attach braided straps to both sides of the pochette and double knot.

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