June 30th, 2011, by mgarcia

Give your sarong a polished look by hiding the knot.

To complete this How-To you will need:

A full-sized sarong

Step 1: Hold sarong

Hold the sarong behind your back horizontally, an end in each hand, just under your armpits.

Step 2: Grasp sarong

Grasp the sarong several inches above the edge in each hand, forming two bunches of material.

Step 3: Tie bunches

Tie these two bunches together in an unfinished knot, pulling tightly so the fabric is wrapped just above your bust line, close to your chest.

Tip: You can also tie the sarong around your waist as a skirt.

Step 4: Pull corner over knot

Take one of the short, free-flowing corners and pull it beneath, up and over the unfinished knot. Smooth out the material that is now dangling over.

Step 5: Tuck free end

Take the other free end and tuck it into the top of the sarong underneath your armpit.

Step 6: Let sarong flow

Let the rest of the sarong flow.

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